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Dec 25, 2012 2:00pm EST
and his cfo explaining the dubious accounting in congress. was he to blame? last month u.s. district judge dismissed shareholders' lawsuit against rains. the judge found no direct evidence rain the new accounting rules have been violated. when raines was fired at the end of 2004 there was a huge upheaval at fannie mae. a couple thousand consultants were hired to string out the books. the total cost including fines was more than $2 billion but there was a bigger cost. executors' and regulators spend so much time worried about accounting they did not have enough time to worry about the housing market. housing prices were soaring to crazy levels even for houses like this. everyone was refinancing mortgages, lending standards became incredibly lax and everybody thought they could make a killing on real-estate. even the playmate of a month from may of 2005, jamie west and kaiser --westenheiser was going into investment tight real-estate. one financial magazine later commented, moving from one set of inflated assets to another. amid this dangerous period fannie appointed a new ceo, dan mud, son
Dec 25, 2012 8:00am PST
just to walk again. >> with the u.s. navy, want to give a shout out to my friends and family. have a good holiday and stay safe. >> army specialist tyler jeffries also lost his legs. >> just want to give a shout to all my friends and brothers back in afghanistan. happy holidays. i wouldn't be here without you guys. >> tyler is already getting ready for next christmas. >> i want to start walking as fast as i can because i am in that wheelchair hours every day. i want to be able to get up in my own house and get a cup out of the cupboard. >> happy holidays to my family and i got a bunch of guys in from my unit getting purple hearts today. i say i'm thinking about you guys today. got a special place for you in my heart. >> joshua says it is a good holiday season because of his buddies. >> it is definitely. they're there, alive and breathing. it's good. >> i'm sergeant adam keyes combat engineer 20th engineer brigade airborne out of fort bragg. i give a shout to the guys in the 27th still overseas. >> a triple amputee there is one thing adam didn't lose. his airborne wings tatoo. >> ye
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2